Reliable Lidar for UAV
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With YellowScan,
use reliable LiDAR for UAVs

Unlike photogrammetry, LiDAR 3D mapping can penetrate vegetation.
Laser scanning works in low-contrast or shadowy situations, even at night!

It is easier to use and
less cumbersome to process the data.

Our aerial approach can cover a zone faster and with more homogeneous result than traditional ground mapping techniques using terrestrial or mobile technologies. YellowScan is committed to help leading the LiDAR revolution in remote sensing and GIS 3D mapping.

Our solutions are ideally suited for:

  • Small areas (<10 km² or 100 km linear)
  • Need to penetrate vegetation
  • Hard-to-access zones
  • Data needed in near real-time / frequently / regularly
  • Accuracy range of 2.5-15 cm


How It Works

What is LIDAR?

Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) is a laser-based remote sensing technology. The idea behind LiDAR is quite simple, point a small laser at a surface and measure the time it takes the laser to return to its source.

This technology is used in geographical information systems (GIS) to produce digital elevation model (DEM) or digital terrain model (DTM) for 3D mapping models.

LiDAR operating principle:

  • Emission of a laser pulse
  • Record of the backscattered signal
  • Distance measurement (Time of travel x speed of light)
  • Retrieving plane position and altitude
  • Computation of precise echo position



What is all-integrated LiDAR systems for UAV?

The end-to-end revolution: all the tools and support you need in one system

What is all-integrated LIDAR systems for UAV?

Current list of aerial platforms tested with YellowScan solutions:

Quick and easy mounting on any drone, thanks to its full autonomy (including power, computing & data recording) and easy  four screws mounting.


Helicopter Hughes 300, Helicopter Ecureuil B2, Autogyre Magni, ULM Savannah, Drone Copter 4 of SurveyCopter, Drone Renagade (Canadian, 25kg, rotary wing), Drone OktoKopter of MikroKopter, Fixed wing Boreal from AJS, Onyxstar’s Fox C8 HD, ECA Group’s IT180 UAV, Robokopter’s RKT04, AIR’s Readycopter, AirVision’s NT8, Oben’s Octocopter, Heigh Tech’s HT-8, PulseAerospace’s VAPOR 55Helicopter UAS, DJIS1000, DJI S900…


DJI S1000, DJI Matrice 600, VAPOR 55 from Pulse Aerospace, Xena & FoxC8 HD from Altigator, Quasar4 from Dronetools, Altura from Aerialtronics…


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