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LiDAR systems for drones.

Reliable UAV LiDAR systems for 3D mapping

Our LiDAR system product line is light-weight, fully-integrated with embedded batteries.
It is designed to meet 3D mapping high precision and accuracy needs.

YellowScan Vx
Yellowscan Surveyor Ultra
YellowScan Surveyor
YellowScan Vx-DL
YellowScan Mapper II
YellowScan LiveStation
YellowScan LiveStation

Easy data acquisition, streamlined point cloud processing

Our aerial approach can cover faster a zone and deliver more consistent results than ground mapping techniques. At YellowScan, we are committed to help leading the LiDAR revolution in remote sensing and 3D aerial mapping.

Our LiDAR systems are ideally suited for:

  • Small areas (<10 sq. km or 100 km linear)
  • Need to penetrate vegetation
  • Hard-to-access zones
  • Data needed in near real-time / frequently / regularly
  • 2.5 to 10 cm accuracy range

Full-integrated LiDAR solution with all tools and support

What is all-integrated LIDAR systems for UAV?

Our LiDAR systems are designed to be mounted on the most widely spread drones.

These systems are rapidly and easily mounted on any drone with only 4 screws.


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