Reliable Lidar for UAV

Points tous1: High voltage powerline and surrounding vegetation.

On the 16th of November, YellowScan and ECA Group put on a show in the South of Paris: the integration of the latest generation of LIDAR systems from YellowScantm, the Surveyortm, on ECA Group UAV IT180-120tm UAV enabled the acquisition of a very precise point cloud of 3 high voltage lines and their vegetation surroundings.

Points sol2: Ground points after classification.

It has been shown to attendees how easily the YellowScan Surveyor system can be mounted on the UAV IT180-120 electrical platform and how convenient data acquisition and retrieval are.

13 : Guests gathered around the IT180-120 UAVs.

The UAV IT180-120tm is a contra-rotary helicopter drone with a heavy payload capability. It was initially designed for military applications: it has 120 minutes autonomy, is rapidly and easily deployed, to enable the acquisition of data anywhere.

The Surveyor is easily mounted on many different platforms including multirotor, helicopter or fixed-wing UAVs thanks to its lightweight and compact design: 1.6kg including the laser scanner, IMU, GNSS, embedded computer, data storage and battery. Its sub-5cm accuracy makes it ideal for precise topography and demanding requirements of applications such as corridor mapping and mining.

Profil participants4: Point Cloud over the crowd, shed and parked car.

For powerlines, the data retrieved from the Surveyor enables the visualization of the powerline itself as well as the vegetation corridor and any potentially offending vegetation. This solution is ideal to identify needs for maintenance and pruning.

Profil vegetation5: Cross-section showing the vegetation corridor around the powerlines.


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