USA Demo : the Ultralight YellowScan Surveyor LiDAR

First USA Demo of the Surveyor LiDAR

USA Demo: Pulse Aeospace's Vapor 35 UAV with the YellowScan Mapper LiDAR
Pulse Aeospace’s Vapor 35 UAV with the YellowScan Mapper, the Surveyor’s brother system.

On the 30th of August will be held near Denver the Surveyor system’s first USA demo ever on Pulse Aerospace‘s Vapor 35. Come and join us to witness the incredibly precise, easy-to-use and all-integrated LiDAR that is the YellowScan Surveyor! If you are interested in Aerial surveying, UAV mapping or Topography and you wish to learn more about our all-integrated Lightweight UAV LiDAR, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Feel free to Register online

The event will be hosted by our partner Juniper Unmanned, who will train and support all US customers

About YellowScan LiDAR systems

YellowScan develops lightweight UAV LiDARs. The Mapper was developed for UAV Mapping and was the first lightweight UAV LiDAR available on the market, with its 2.1kg. The Surveyor, LiDAR scanning system launched in February 2016, is designed for UAV Surveying needing a high precision and accuracy.

R&D development for the YellowScan Surveyor solution began in early 2015, with the same philosophy and technology foundation that has made the YellowScan Mapper so successful. With a robust and fully integrated system designed to meet the needs of most demanding survey and terrain professionals, YellowScan Surveyor is quick and easily adapted to any drone, generating data when and where you need it.

The team has carefully selected and deployed the best high-end components for unparalleled level of performance; for example, the Applanix APX15 single board GNSS-Inertial solution chosen for its highly accurate position and orientation direct georeferencing.

Applications include Mining, Civil Egineering and Corridor Mapping: Wether you need to evaluate your stockpiles, generate the Digital Terrain Model (DTM) of your quarry and surroundings to extend it, obtain the topography of a wooded area to design a future road or railway, or survey the vegetation corridor to prevent accidents, the Surveyor is the right UAV payload which can be complemented by photogrammetry.

Geomatics Indaba 2016 – South Africa

Geomatics Indaba logo

YellowScan will be present on 12-14 September at Geomatic Indaba 2016, a conference and exhibition on surveying, geospatial information, GIS, mapping, remote sensing and location-based business.

During the conference located at Emperors Palace (South Africa), you will be able to meet our application engineer, Pierre Chaponnière as well as our Head of Sales & Marketing, Pierre d’Hauteville.

Also, the program of Geomatics Indaba Conference enables YellowScan’s team to present a demonstration of our product : the Surveyor. This Demo will take place on Wednesday 14 September 2016 at Transnet School of Rail, Esselenpark Campus, Gauteng. The Surveyor will be flying on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle and generate georeferenced point cloud. With point cloud classification of the area you will be able to see the difference between digital elevation model (DEM) and digital terrain model (DTM).

If you are interested in Aerial surveying, UAV mapping or Topography and you wish to learn more about our all-integrated Lightweight UAV LiDAR, feel free to check out the program and register to the Conference.

LiDAR for Drone Conference 2016 – Montpellier

LIDAR for Drone - International YellowScan User Conference 2016

Archeology | Forestry | Powerlines | Surveying | Mining | Civil Engineering

22-23 June 2016

Château de Flaugergues
Montpellier,  France

  • Live Demonstrations
  • Industry Case Studies
  • What’s New and What’s Coming
  • Social Events

What happened at the YellowScan LiDAR for Drone User Conference ?

“In one flight which took us 25 minutes we covered an area which normal surveyors will cover in four days. This is impressive. Very impressive “

Andrejs Veliks, cadastral planning in Latvia

“My customers don’t believe UAV LiDAR can be used for construction and building, but when we really achieve the 5-cm accuracy and do it, then people go…Wow

Bart Zondag, Consultant, 30 years in surveying

“With a product like this, customers are going to find a whole new level of projects that they could not do before or could not do efficiently. It is really revolutionizing what can be done in the survey industry”

 Joe Hutton, Inertial Technology and Airborne Products, Applanix

LIDAR conference 2016

LiDAR for Drone

On the 22nd and 23rd of June, the YellowScan International User Conference was held in Montpellier, France. In the prestigious Château de Flaugergues, guests were served to a rich program : technical conferences, demonstrations on the field and data analysis, with speakers from all over the world. A part of the Conference was dedicated to LiDAR technologies for UAVs : 3D LiDAR Scanner, IMU, GNSS, processing software, UAV and of course the new YellowScan LiDAR :

                 The Surveyor LiDAR for Drone.

  • Dieter Gabriel, Technical Marketing Manager EMEA at Velodyne exposed the principles of LiDAR Scanner technology as well as the applications and developments Velodyne is facing ;
  • Joe Hutton Director of Inertial Technology and Airborne Products at Applanix underlined the importance of having the precise position and attitude thanks to the IMU and GNSS to properly georeference each point generated by the laser scanner ;
  • Arrtu Soininen, Head Software Developer at Terrasolid presented the Terrasolid software suit and its data processing capabilities on data collected by the YellowScan Surveyor on a quarry ;
  • José Belda and Jérémy Gaya of ECA Drone highlighted their gasoline powered IT180 presenting 120 minutes of autonomy, great for YellowScan LiDARs !

We also focused during this event on LiDAR for Drone applications with clients testifying on their worlwide experience with YellowScan LiDARs :

  • Antoine Cottin from Carbomap, a specialist in forestry data processing, showed us how he used some data generated by the YellowScan Mapper in Ireland and the USA to measure tree heights and evaluate the forest’s state and productive areas ;
  • Bruno Roux from L’Avion Jaune underlined how LiDAR had been used for environmental research to study mound-field landscapes in Bolivia, vestiges of ancestral sustainable agricultural methods ;
  • Andrejs Veliks from Geolux told us how YellowScan’s Mapper for UAVs had revolutionnized his work in cadastral planning, giving him access to areas impossible to reach on foot, and making his company far more efficient than any other companies in Latvia;
  • Michel Assenbaum from L’Avion Jaune presented a modern archeological project from the BRGM. It took place in the Ardennes forest, and the objective was to map vestiges of World War I such as roads, ditches, embankments which draw a good picture of forgotten battlefields and disposal zones lost in vegetation.
  • Tristan Allouis, YellowScan’s CTO, also presented a test run on a quarry comparing the accuracy of ground survey data and photogrammetry to LiDAR acquisition.

Our guests were able to enjoy South of France’s good weather during our afternoon demos :

  • The first one was focused on one of YellowScan’s main applications : Corridor mapping for powerlines maintenance. Thanks to YellowScan’s LiDARs, you can visualize in 3D in only a few minutes the powerline and surrounding vegetation. José Carlos Garcia, CEO of Dielmo3D, displayed his company’s data processing and analysis expertise: they clearly locate and pinpoint trees too close to the powerline or threatening to fall on it.
  • The demo of the second day was held in an aeromodelism field and aimed at demonstrating the 5cm accuracy of the Surveyor system : attendees were astounded when the actual accuracy was 1.5cm ! Thank you to Cristophe Puerto from Exametrics, who measured the Ground Control Points for the Demo.

TVerrehe User Conference ended on the presentation of our next feature : the Ground Control Station. You will soon be able to visualize your point cloud generated real time thanks to our Software Engineer Lead Etienne Delclaux !
In between our conferences and demos, we had the pleasure to eat delicious food, the amazing opportunity to visit the castle where the owners still live, and to taste the home made wine production.
The evening of the 22nd was spent on the beach at the restaurant « Le Poisson Rouge » which served a perfectly cooked meal for the pleasure of our tastes.

Thank you to all our attendants, we really enjoyed our time with you and hope to see you next year at our YellowScan International User Conference !

Antoine Cottin

Dr Antoine Cottin

Chief Technology Officer, Carbomap Ltd.
Edinburgh Centre for Carbon Innovation

Antoine is an expert in bathymetric LiDAR processing. He gained his PhD in Quebec and then a postdoctorate working in Mississippi with Optech and the US Army Corp of Engineers. Antoine has a decade’s experience of processing full waveform lidar systems. He has also led teams in successful field campaigns to validate lidar system’s accuracy. He also has significant experience in software development.
As Chief Technical Officer at Carbomap, Antoine is the lead software developer for the company’s processing chain, driving development from a technical perspective, as well as leading the data acquisition and processing aspects of projects.

Forest Management: “Measuring tree heights on small scale areas in order to evaluate the forest’s state and productive areas”

Speakers Joseph J Hutton

Joseph J. Hutton, MASc, P.Eng

Director, Inertial Technology and Airborne Products, Applanix

Joe Hutton has a Master of Applied Science Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies, and is a registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario. Joe has been with Applanix since its inception in 1991, and is currently the Director of Inertial Technology and Airborne Products. He has over 25 years of experience in the development and application of GNSS-Aided Inertial Navigation systems for mobile mapping and positioning, and has co-authored more than two dozen papers on the topic of Direct Georeferencing. He is also the co-author of two patents on Post-mission High-Accuracy Position and Orientation Systems.

“High-accuracy Real-time and Post-processed MEMs Based GNSS-Inertial Solutions for Direct Georeferencing for UAV’s”

Speakers Arttu Soininen

Arttu Soininen

Head Software Developer at Terrasolid.

Arttu is the main developer of world market leading software family for processing airborne and mobile laser and image datasets. He has 27 years of experience writing 3D applications for survey and design.

“LiDAR data calibration and matching”

D Gabriel small

Dieter Gabriel

Technical Marketing Manager EMEA, Velodyne Europe

Dieter is a graduated geo-scientist and has gained broad experience in the mapping, remote sensing and navigation industries. Over the last twentyfive years of his career he has held various technical and customer-oriented managerial positions at international companies like DaimlerChrysler Aerospace, EADS Astrium, InfoTerra and Applanix.

“Real-time 3D LiDAR Scanner Technologies for UAVs”

Speakers Jeremy Gaya

Jérémy Gaya

Technical Director, ECA Drone, 10 years of experience in UAV technologies and applications


Business Development Directeur, ECA Drone, 16 years of experience in industrial equipment and services sales

Speakers Jose Belda

“Infotron Mini UAV for Survey”

Speakers Jose Carlos Garcia

José Carlos García

CEO Dielmo 3D

“More than 85.000 km of experience as technical director managing transmission network corridor processing projects to measure offending vegetation. Experience in managing LiDAR processing services over 13 years, from basic LiDAR processing services as DTM/DSM creation to accurate engineering processing services.”

Powerlines Data Processing and Analysis

Speakers Bruno Roux

Bruno Roux

Chief Operating Officer, L’Avion Jaune

As a co-founder and operations director at L’Avion Jaune, Bruno masters RPAS conception and developments, and high-resolution multispectral imaging for environmental applications: river beds, coastal-lines, agronomy, archeology, wet-lands. Bruno started his career as an architect and holds a diploma from the renown Architure school of Paris-La Défense. He is also a passionate aerial photographer, and a former journalist for model aircarft magazines.

“A LiDAR on a drone to study mound-field landscapes in Bolivia”

Speakers Tristan Allouis

Dr Tristan Allouis

Chief Technology Officer, YellowScan

Tristan Allouis has led the development of YellowScan systems since 2012. His areas of expertise include computer science, remote sensing, technology development and forestry. After a Master’s degree in engineering, information technology and electronics from ESIEA (École Supérieure d’Informatique Électronique Automatique), Tristan’s research focused on forest mapping using Lidar data. He received his Ph.D. from AgroParisTech. Publications

Comparing DTM Accuracy with LiDAR, Photogrametry and ground survey data

Speakers Andrejs Veliks

Andrejs Veliks

CEO Geolux

Cadastral Planning in Latvia

Wednesday 22 June
LiDAR Technologies for UAVs

Thusday 23 June
LiDAR Applications for UAVs

08:30 Welcome coffee
09:00 Welcome coffee Archeology: “Mapping shell craters and infrastructure remainders from WW1 in the Ardennes forest” by Daniel HUBE, BRGM
09:30 LiDAR system : New YellowScan Surveyor for UAVs: “5-cm accuracy, 300 000 shots per second, 1.5 kg”, by Pierre d’Hauteville, CMO YellowScan Forest Management: “Measuring tree heights on small scale areas in order to evaluate the forest’s state and productive areas”, by Dr Antoine Cottin, Carbomap
10:00 GNSS/IMU: “High-accuracy Real-time and Post-processed MEMs Based GNSS-Inertial Solutions for Direct Georeferencing for UAV’s”, by Joe Hutton, Applanix Environmental Research: “A LiDAR on a drone to study mound-field landscapes in Bolivia”, by Dr Doyle McKey, CNRS CEFE and Bruno Roux, L’Avion Jaune
10:30 Break Break
11:00 Data Processing: “LiDAR data calibration and matching” by Arttu Soininen, TerraSolid Data Analysis: Quarry: Comparing DTM Accuracy with LiDAR, Photogrametry and ground survey data, by Tristan Allouis, CTO YellowScan
11:30 Mining & Construction: “Stockpile Data Processing and Volume Calculation”, by Arttu Soininen, TerraSolid Surveying: Cadastral Planning in Latvia, by Andrejs Veliks, Geolux
12:00 UAV: ECA Group Infotron Mini UAV for Survey, ECA Group Real-time 3D LiDAR Scanner Technologies, by Dieter Gabriel, Technical Marketing Manager EMEA, Velodyne Europe
12:30 Lunch  Lunch
13:30 Demo 1: PowerLines Demo 2: YellowScan Surveyor, 5cm accuracy demonstrated
15:30 Demo 1 : Data processing Demo 2 : Data processing
16:00 Data Processing: Powerlines by José Carlos, CEO Dielmo3D LiDAR system: YellowScan Ground control station, by Etienne Delclaux, Head of Software Development, YellowScan
16:30 Data Analysis: Powerlines by José Carlos, CEO Dielmo3D Wrapup Session: The Future of Lidar technology for UAVs
17:00 Castle Visit end
18:00 Wine Tasting
20:00 Dinner Party on the beach


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Media partners

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Laser scanning from drones and light aircrafts

Demonstration in Japan

YellowScan is organizing a Demonstration Day in Matsumoto, Japan on May 30th in partnership with Mirukuru. 

Logo MirukuruYellowscan

The DemoDay will take place in the Faculty of Agriculture in Shinshu University, Matsumoto.

The YellowScan’s Surveyor will be flying on a DJI Spreading wing S900 UAV.

If you wish to participate, please register online:



Construction 5

YellowScan will be exhibiting during GeoBusiness in the UK on May 24th and 25th.

We will be sharing Geo-4D’s booth : L28

Come and meet Laure, our Business Developper!

Geobusiness banner


Construction 5

YellowScan will be exhibiting during XPONENTIAL with Pulse Aerospace (booth #531) and AutonomouStuff (booth #645) . Come and meet Pierre, our application engineer!


Surveyor Demo 5cm Accuracy – The Netherlands

Welcome to the YellowScan Surveyor Demo Day, organized by GeoInspect!

GeoInspect and YellowScan's logos

Demonstrating the New YellowScan Surveyor 5cm Accuracy

On June 1st 2016, YellowScan and its distributor GeoInspect are organizing near Amsterdam (The Netherlands)
the first ever demonstration day of the YellowScan Surveyor.

Here is the agenda of the day:

10:30 Arrival attendants at the Hotel

11:00 Leave for the demo site

12:00/12:30 Return in Hotel (lunch will be ready at return) Start of presentations / work on demo data

16:00 End (flexible)

Come and meet us at the hotel Wassenaar at the following address:

Katwijkseweg 33

2242 PC Wassenaar

The Netherlands

If you wish to participate, please register online:

Register Now


DemoDay in Paris on April 21-22

DemoDay in Paris

On April 21st and 22nd, YellowScan and its partner ECA Group are organizing two demonstration days : one on the 21st and one on the 22nd of April.

Yellowscan's partner

The demo will take place from 10.00 to 13.00 on the aeromodelism airfield of Boissy-sous-Saint-Yon.

If you wish to participate, please register online:

April 21st                                 April 22nd

Demonstration near Swindon, UK on March 1st

On March 1st 2016, YellowScan’s partner Sky Drone Survey is hosting in Faringdon-UK, a demonstration day of the YellowScan. Our LiDAR will be flown on Height Tech’s UAS and will map an Iron Age enclosure covered by vegetation.
If you wish to participate, please register online :
Register Now