Survey Instruments for Drones

Surveyors are looking for easy, quick, robust and affordable solutions to generate precision 3D data for their customers. They also need expert support to streamline their field operations. And quick, light and easy mobilization: YellowScan whole system can be carried in car trunk or airplane luggage.

Our customers operate surveys all around the world, in many different fields. Some examples below:

In one flight which took us 25 minutes we covered an area which normal surveyors will cover in four days. This is impressive. Very impressive

Andrej Veliks, A-GEO
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My customers don’t believe UAV LiDAR can be used for construction and building, but when we really achieve the 5-cm accuracy and do it, then people go…Wow

Bart Zondag, GeoInspect CEO, 30 years in Surveying
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TerraSurvey (SAF / Mining)

Terra Survey South Africa acquired a Yellowscan Lidar in 2014 due to its size and light weight. We have been using it on multirotors, RC Helicopter and Gyrocopter for various industry surveys. The light weight censor is ideal for these aircraft and as a result can be deployed in a very short time. Data accuracy is exceptional and well within the limits normally associated with these surveys. Positioning is either by RTK for small area surveys or Post processing for longer distances.
Johan Potgieter, Terra Survey

AIR logo

From planning to post-processing, YellowScan was an invaluable partner every step of the way on this challenging project. Our team executed more than 40 flights over 3 days, and the YellowScan system never slowed us down or made us wait for technical issues. In the field the equipment worked flawlessly, and the data the YellowScan system produced was very clean, detailed and accurate.
Chris McMurtry, President, Aerial Inspection resources
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